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The Tube Amp Hall of Fame 55
built by Mike Yankie in Waco, Texas
These were all the rage at the begin'ins of the DIY  Guitar pre days.
mono tube pre-amp is optimized for use with guitar. Its vacuum tube stages add fullness and warmth while two switchable filters simulate the timbre of speaker cabinet resonances. You sound like you're playing through a stage stack even if you’re using a practice amp or Direct Injecting.
Best of all, this is a Craig Anderton and John Simonton collaboration.
Way Cool.............Yep a   12ax7
Dave sent this beautiful Gibson GA-18 .  
Two 12ax7's and Two 6V6's
if you know of a schematic, or have one?--
 let me know, ie send it on over.
Thanks ---Terry
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p.s. this amp has been played all over the nation.

1965 Fender Princeton
2 6V6, 3 12ax7,gz-rectifier
I have a 64 and Its just like this