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The Tube Amp Hall of Fame 54
CunninghamRadio 125
KT88's  125watts  per channel
This is a Brown Face faced design &
 the first Black Face Model of the Princeton
Fender electric Co. amp has a brownfaced circuit and Tremelo circuit
Original Transformers are:
output: 125P1A 606407 / imput: 125A108 606400 / CHASSIS NO. P07732 /
 speaker frame AO1484 / magnet 81055 137 351
all these help date the amp.

1968-72  Fender Deluxe Reverb
6l6?  whow
Thanks for the pictures Chris!!!!
18 watt weber head kit

Tubes are ez81 rectifier,(2) el84 power,(3) 12ax7 driver.