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The Tube Amp Hall of Fame 52

, If you have a pic or two of the New EVH 5150-3 amp
Please send some over. Especially the guts.
Till then we can only drool on the guitar world pics
They Finally have pics of the amp,
 none like the ones here, thought,
of other amps

The EVH 5150 iii
One shows 8 12ax7's and 4 6l6's and a
nice power tranny and output tranny seperation lay out on the chasis.
No doubt done to stop some of the hum that happens, when they are close together. Preaty well known stuff here.
A guy loaded this on UTUBE --
Guitar worlds live review,,   thanks
then from the fender booth at namn
They will not show you the guts, like we do here.
Nice looking thing, but at $1999. damn, just another amp most of us cant afford.
The guitar launch is before rehab
and the amp launch is after  notice any difference?
Have a look  at the news link above
Please stop using drugs and drink    dayly.
Ok here we go a couple rare marshall combo's

1979 marshall "baby plexi" 100 watt
This is the model only model, I believe,
 that had a factory phaze inverter style master volume.
I have installed the same on my marshall 4010 50 watt.
The master volume that is between the pre amp
and the power amp type, is stock.
 I tried adding the phaze inverter master and love it.
all it took was, a a 1 meg tandem pot and two .022 400v  caps,
Mesa boogie Lonestar 50/100 watt
4x6L6, 5x12AX7, 1x5U4
great amp!!
Mesa's cool 12ax7 guitar preamp.
resize to 800 for the best view

Matamp S2000  20 watts of tube glory Peter green style
el 84's I think
I love Matamp If you have pics of them send them on over please!
sorry but this is too funny had to put it here

hearing protection?