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The Tube Amp Hall of Fame 51

Electone ,  by Magnatone or Valco.
LapSteel Gold here!!
For the tube set,
im guessing a  6L6, a rectifyer say a 5Y3,
and a big old metal dual triode.  
well its a 6sj7  yep
Supro - ish, Champ - ish,

Kelly sent me this and adds
" I found one lap steel that has the same label & we are guessing Magnatone"
as the manafacturer that is.
and adds : with the speckeled finish it is most likely a LapSteel Amp."

(also If the reader is interested in exploring further on this subject -
you can Google - Pearloid Hawaiian Amp, Magnatone, MOTS,
 also names like Leilani & Oahu )
I might add, an American Original!
Awesome way to open this page
Kelly sent this one in, Thanks

Dynaco ST-35
17 W a side
"chocolate milk" Dynaco EL-84's.
Leslie Model 102    4 channel
8 --7189 output tubes and 4 12au7's
16 watts per channel
clean unit!
18 Watt EL84 12AX7 DIY Tube Amp Kit
El 84 s and 12ax7 s
for audio sounds

JJ 6L6 GC QUAD , 3- 12AX7
Home made cabinet